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The Puzzle Feeder

Lick Bowl

Lick Bowl

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A Feast Provider

Puzzle Lick Bowl has a bone plate and a licking mat with three textures that support various kinds of food.

A Stress Releaser

The special textures of the Puzzle Lick Bowl can help your dog relieve the stress when he lick different types of food on it.

A Licking Trainer

Just like Puzzle Feeder, Puzzle Lick Bowl can also help your dog develop a good eating habit. It has three modularized parts which can support four progressive feeding modes. Slowing down your pet's licking time can protect his digestion, relieve more stress, and make the happy meal time longer.

Textures for Various Food Types

Puzzle Lick Bowl is the perfect feeder that you ever want for your various recipe ideas. You can easily make your special treats even more attractive and enjoyable for your dog. We made this brilliant feeder for the brilliant chef.

Flexible Feeding Modes

The three modularized parts of Puzzle Lick Bowl support four different feeding modes. These various feeding modes can be used in different conditions and feeding purposes.


Licking Time Slowing Down

The duo-level structure and the speical multi-texture licking mat can help your dog lick slowly with joy.

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