The Start

Hey there! My name is Kierra, owner of The Barkery LLC. I created this company in 2020. This was honestly all an accidental business and I am so grateful!

During Covid I had so much free time so what did I do? Curved my sugar craving as I baked my brains out. As I barely have any counter space left, I felt the eyes of my dogs waiting for something to spill so they could be treated too. At that time, I decided I would make them something they could enjoy while I ate my sweets.

Instead of all the baking for myself I decided to spoil the pups. Well once again I went overboard and had way too much product! About this time, I had to go back to my full-time job, so I decided to bring them to work. My coworkers kept coming back and telling their friends and it just kept going. Well, here we are now.